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At Sales Development Group we have developed a series of comprehensive Resources specific to selling real estate in the 21st Century.

Your Investment in this material and services will help ensure your success in this exciting industry, whether you are a new recruit or a veteran!

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you purchase any of our material you can rest assured that you will never see these items being offered at a discount price at a later date!

We practice what we preach and never discount our material, thus devaluing the same items previously purchased by other clients.



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How to Thrive in a Changing Market

Comprehensive CD detailing winning ways to succeed in a changing market. Learn the skills required to increase your income and find out how top salespeople prefer this type of market.

$49.00 $0.00
Securing Vendor Investment in Marketing

Quality information packed CD with tips and strategies on how to easily secure vendor investment in marketing campaigns. Raise the profile of your listings.

$49.00 $0.00
Auction Listing and Management

Want to list more properties (especially auctions) and sell more? This brilliant 2 CD set will help you do both!

$95.00 $0.00
Script Set

Powerful scripts and dialogues covering all aspects of real estate. Both in PDF format (to be printed out) PLUS an audio version ideal for listening to on the way to key appointments!  

$95.00 $0.00
Full CD Set

Great Value! All 6 disks in one comprehensive set. A "must have" for anyone serious about succeeding in the real estate industry. 

$250.00 $0.00
Auctioneers Hammers

Every true auctioneer needs a hammer ( often called Gavel) to ply his or her trade. Hand crafted by local tradespeople. 

$45.00 $0.00
Book: "The Great New Zealand Real Estate Interviews"

John interviews some of the country's top real estate salespeople. A truly fascinating insight in to what makes top achievers tick. 

$39.95 $0.00
Real Estate Anecdotes and Humour

A little book of humour and funny anecdotes that looks at the lighter side of working in the real estate business. If you could do with a good laugh this is the book for you.

$19.95 $0.00
Managing a Real Estate Sales Team

A Pocket Guide for Real Estate Sales Managers and Team Leaders. 140+ Tips and suggestions are contained in this handy A6 Size book. Ideal as a handy reference guide for people management. Get the best out of your team!

$19.95 $0.00
Real Estate Sales Tips and Scripts

A Pocket Guide for salespeople.140+ Tips and suggestions are contained in this handy A6 Size book. Every Salesperson should have one.

$19.95 $0.00


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