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Pearls of wisdom from Real Estate Superstars

John’s book ‘The Great New Zealand Real Estate Interviews’ is full of wonderful pieces of advice and pearls of wisdom from some superstar performers in our industry. Here’s a sample:

“When you get busy, never forget to prospect for future business. It’s a common trap that even seasoned performers fall into. It doesn’t matter how many listings you have, make sure that you still do the calls and keep in contact with people who may be selling in the future. This helps eliminate major fluctuations in your income. Avoid getting into a cycle of having periods of listing and selling. Rather you should be doing both all year round.”

David Rainbow Bayleys No 1 Agent Nationwide 3 times

“Do the things that others don’t do in order to have the things that others don’t have. Don’t ever give up and make sure that you are better informed than your competitors. Be skilled, genuine and honest with your clients.”

Della Randall RE/MAX Worldwide   No. 1 for Transaction Numbers 2007

“This is a fabulous time to start a real estate career! When a market is tougher a new agent is going to learn much better sales, negotiation and organizational skills.   In a buoyant market when sales are achieved more readily, it is easy for a new agent to learn bad habits and not have the necessary skills to survive in a tougher market.“

Karin Cooper  Barfoot & Thompson    No.1 Agent Nationwide

"Observe top performers.  Study their work habits and their systems and try to emulate them.  A simple yet clear tracking system for buyers and sellers is essential. “Plan your work and work your plan”.  Never leave the office until every call is made so when you are home your time is your own. Don’t get drawn into the office ‘coffee group’ as they are normally the ‘under achievers’.  A key concept is to learn all the appropriate scripts and dialogues for every occasion. Role play with colleagues until you can handle every objection and stand and smile every time you take a telephone call."

Kris Gibson  Century 21   No.1 Agent Nationwide

“I think it’s imperative to have a PA if you can afford one as it frees up time to focus on the high dollar value activities. Even if you just get someone in for one or two days a week to help with the paperwork it will make a world of difference. Doing paperwork does not get you listings.“

Leila MacDonald  Barfoot & Thompson No.1 Agent Nationwide 12 times

“Our main profile comes through the auction process that you taught us John. Auction campaigns account for 25% of my Income, 50% of my Workload and 90% of my profile. Without the hype and discipline that is required to manage auction campaigns we would not have the opportunity or skill level to handle all the ‘Off Market’ transactions.  Activity creates activity – so get busy.”

Mark Hourigan Bayleys Commercial REINZ Wellington ‘Supreme Salesperson’

“Put every person you come into contact with into a database and equip yourself with a smartphone, laptop and personal website. Take up every opportunity for training that comes along and make sure you have a good knowledge of all internet based technology that will help you in your career.”

Ross Brader  Professionals NZ No.1 Agent Nationwide

“The biggest problems without doubt are agents promising to do things and then not doing them. If you don’t think you can do it, don’t promise it. The other thing that I have previously mentioned is keeping in touch with people. The biggest complaint that I hear is that vendors don’t hear from their agents enough. Make sure that you constantly contact people, even if there is nothing to report.”

Shaun Cosgrave Harcourts No 1 Agent Worldwide 2007

“Vendors should be prepared to invest in the promotion of their property. It shows that they are serious and ensures that the best price is achieved.  It allows their home to stand out from other properties; you can’t sell a secret. Marketing is critical.”

Janet Hadfield Harveys No. 1 Agent Nationwide

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