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Coaching and Training

We specialise in providing both 'on site' and 'Web based' training programs.. We find that both methods of delivery minimise the amount of time that agents are out of the market and it allows us to tailor sessions to suit their individual requirements.

The following Workshops can be held on a standalone basis or combined into full or half day sessions to suit. Here is a selection of some of our most popular and most often requested topics.

For other sessions that cover every aspect of the real estate business please contact us here.

'Verifiable' Continuing Education Provider (NZ)

We are delighted to be Approved Continuing Professional Development Providers under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. Every agent in New Zealand must complete 10 hours of CPD annually and it can only be done through an approved provider. We offer both CPD and Non Verifiable practical sales training. Contact us for further details.


Shortening time on the Market

This session is specifically designed for the current market conditions being experienced in many markets. We focus on the five key elements that will shorten the time that it takes to sell your Listings whilst securing the very best result for your Client.

Auction Listing and Management

A comprehensive session addressing winning Listing strategies and the advantages of Auctions to Vendors, Purchasers and Agents alike. We provide a simple yet effective process (including Scripts & Dialogues) to ensure maximum Buyer interest, competitive bidding and a sale for a delighted Vendor at the very best possible price.

Vendor Reporting

Information packed one and a half hours on the key issue of handling Vendor meetings and written reporting processes throughout a sale campaign to ensure that Vendors  achieve great results and are happy with the outcome.


Negotiation Skills

Practical no-nonsense advice and simple tips on how to negotiate successful outcomes. Get an insight into the psychology of the buying and selling process with particular emphasis on questioning and 'closing' skills plus common mistakes to avoid.

Branding and Marketing

A Comprehensive session on the importance of Branding and how to grow your personal and company profile by implementing winning Branding Strategies in your marketplace. Set yourself apart from your competitors.

Adjusting to a Changing Market

Practical step by step advice on how to operate in a 'Buyers Market.' The tips, scripts, dialogues and advice contained in this module can be applied in any market conditions but are particularly relevant to changing markets. Get the process right and your success will be assured.


'Harden up' and stop blaming everyone and everything else!

Attitude is everything in this business. In this fun session we look at the things that hold us back and at how to develop the right mental attitude to succeed. John has worked with thousands of sales professionals over 30 years and can help you to stay on the right track, achieve success and be happy. Note* This is a particularly NON-PC Session.

Additional topics include:

  • Prospecting
  • Designing Brilliant Marketing campaigns
  • Goal Setting and Achieving
  • Overcoming 'call reluctance' and fear of rejection
  • Winning Scripts and Dialogues
  • Advanced Listing Strategies
  • plus many others...


For more details contact us here.

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